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Nurture and Nourish

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Optimal Health is the basic requirement for us to pursue any kind of activity - physical or mental. We desire a lot of things - materialistic, emotional and spiritual.

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For any of our desires to be satisfied, we need to be able to push ourselves, deal with adversities, handle stress, overcome obstacles. This can only be achieved through optimal health.

To ensure optimal health, we need to ensure we nourish our body with the most optimal foods in terms of nutrition.

Do Stop focusing on how much you eat and start focusing on what you eat. A healthy outside starts from the inside.

Nature is the best source for us to provide nourishment and fruits, green leaves, vegetables, seeds, beans, grains, nuts etc are all nature's produce.

Finally what you put into your body is what goes into your mind and therefore it is important to try and procure chemical free produce which are organic.

What we feed our mind, apart from nourishing food, in terms of positive thoughts also goes a long way towards optimal health. Handling stress in a positive manner, being grateful etc go a long way towards ensuring positive health.

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