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* Individual consultations - A one on one approach to understand the challenges and guide suitably to make diet and lifestyle changes. 

* Corporate workshops - Structured specific workshops catering to employee well being

* Awareness sessions - Conducting free talks for groups of individuals, corporates, housing societies, schools & colleges

* 3 month OYH package includes 1st detailed consultation and 5 follow ups.

The 1st consultation will delve into understanding the causes of our problems and arrive at a plan of action focused on food and physical activity.

The follow ups will focus on challenges and improvements along with other areas of holistic health like sleep issues, stress management etc.

* Weight loss package of 2 months will focus on food, physical activity, sleep & stress management.


"I was 94kgs with high cholesterol and borderline hypertension."

Shankar, Mumbai

"I am a diabetic for the last 35yrs. Until 3yrs back, I was on 51units of Insulin"

K.Swaminathan, Hyderabad 

"From a Sindhi family, I used to have almost no control on how much oily food I had."

Yogita Sangtani, Dubai 

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