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Shankar, Mumbai

I was 94kgs with high cholesterol and borderline hypertension. The doctor wanted to put me on statins and anti-hypertensive. I changed my lifestyle, step by step and am at a healthy 70kgs with absolutely no medications. I love running marathons and being in the best of my health. The transformation is life-long. It’s not a diet, but a lifestyle! 

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Swaminathan K

I am a diabetic for the last 35yrs. Until 3yrs back, I was on 51units of Insulin and a few other medications including a statin. After gradually transitioning to a whole food plant-based lifestyle, I am currently on 9 units of insulin and have stopped other medications including statin.

I was recently affected with Covid-19, but I believe my healthy food habits, active lifestyle and positive approach helped me overcome the same with minimal intervention and no hospitalization.

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 Yogita Sangtani, Dubai

Triveni Makani,



Sangeetha, Hyderabad

From being obese at 97kgs to having knee pain, heel pain, bloating, constipation & lethargy Sangeeta is now at 92kgs and has lost a few inches. Her aches &’pains, constipation, other digestive issues have all been resolved over a 2 month period.
She feels lighter, more energetic and has more flexibility while doing yoga.
She is also more confident about continuing the lifestyle changes in a sustainable manner.



Amit Prasad, Bengaluru

I want to take this opportunity to share my heartfelt gratitude for being our guide to good health and transformation. I have absolutely no doubt in saying that the last 4 months have been the time best spent on ourselves and the best gift that we have gifted ourselves in a long time.

Some highlights of our journey were that we were kept informed about the how's and why's of what we're going through right from day one. The actions were simple to follow and easy to continue for a lifetime. Most of the things that we have learned over the course of this journey have become a part of our daily lives and would remain with us forever. 

Some of the results that we were able to achieve were nothing sort of being a miracle. The sugar levels came back to normal, the allergic rhinitis almost disappeared, the allergies seem to be much better, I have lost 16 Kg's over the past 4 months (from 86KG down to 70KG) and the best part was I even got back some of my hair ( which I had almost given up on :) ).

Never imagined a healthy diet could do so much magic and the best part is that now I can even associate healthy food with being tasty.

Coming from a Sindhi family, I used to have almost no control on how much oily food I had. I noticed how irregular my menstrual cycle was and the sudden change in me both mentally and physically. I also started gaining weight and losing half of my hair volume. After my check up with the doctor, I was told that I have PCOD. I would get my periods once in 3-4 months. Despite trying almost all medications - from homeopathic, allopathic and Ayurvedic, after three years of struggling to at least loose a kilo, I consulted with Supraja. In the very first week of the program, I started feeling very light, not just physically but I started feeling happier and positive mentally too. I am very glad to say that I have lost 9 kgs in 2 months just by following the diet and lifestyle changes. My periods have also become more regular. I feel very confident about my body and get even more happy when I get compliments about my transformation from my friends and family.

Supraja worked very patiently with me. She gave me a complete whole plant -based diet. The green smoothie and salads are game changers, it made a huge difference to my sugar numbers. It also made me feel very light and satiated. I was given tools that I can use for the rest of my life. She introduced me to the practice of gratitude, meditation, journaling, being mindful which helped immensely in understanding myself and my body better. She helped me identify my challenges and supported me as I worked through those. Weight loss was not the only gain I got, but also glowing skin and pain free periods. I can't thank her enough for guiding me in a holistic manner. 

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