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Cancer - a curse?

Every year 4th February is observed as World Cancer Day.

The term cancer triggers fear, anxiety and at times even panic. While it is understandable since it is a disease which has multiple ramifications, there are a lot of factors which contribute to the development of cancer.

Like Andreas Moritz says – “Cancer is not a disease, it’s a healing mechanism”. The concept is that the body is trying to get rid of the toxic overload and waste that it has been subjected to over the years and this could eventually manifest in the form of cancer.

The various factors impacting the toxic overload in our body include –

1)     Unhealthy food choices – highly processed and chemically laden foods

2)     Inactivity – not bringing in enough movement through the day

3)     Stress – chronic stress creates havoc

4)     Lack of sleep

Focusing on small but significant changes can ensure a more preventive approach towards cancer.

Remember, cancer cells grow and thrive in an acidic and toxic environment.

Ensuring we keep our body alkaline, more oxygenated and give it enough time to rest & recover can go a long way in not just preventing but also aids in faster recovery from already existing cancer.


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