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Transform yourself

Nourish the body, Nurture the mind

Adopt a holistic approach to good health

What We Do

Understand the concern

Have a detailed discussion to understand the problem basis the information provided in the client data form

Do a root cause analysis

Help to understand the reason for the problems focusing on diet, physical activity, sleep, stress and other parameters. 

Suggest necessary modifications

Work on suggesting gradual changes depending on the current lifestyle across various aspects of food, physical activity, sleep & stress management in a manner that is comfortable and sustainable 

Monitor & follow up

Handholding through this journey of lifestyle modfications through regular follow ups and monitoring progress

Happy Client

"I was 94kgs with high cholesterol and borderline hypertension.”

Shankar, Mumbai 

“I am a diabetic for the last 35yrs. Until 3yrs back, I was on 51units of Insulin”

K.Swaminathan, Hyderabad

"From a Sindhi family, I used to have almost no control on how much oily food I had”

Yogita Sangtani, Dubai

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